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Chartered in March 1997, Rochester Rhapsody of Harmony, Inc., has helped bring the joy of singing four part harmony to the lives of many area women.  Ours is one of over 80 chapters in Harmony, Inc.  We presently have approximately 28 members; and our regular rehearsal is each Monday evening.  We rehearse at 7:30 at Harmony House, 58 E Main Street, Webster, NY.

As a primarily educational organization, we are dedicated to helping preserve the uniquely American style of music that we call barbershop by nurturing it and teaching it to current and future generations.  It is a labor of love, though the reason we gladly put so much of ourselves into barbershopping is that it is so much fun!  Anyone who has attended one of our local performances can tell you that the fun is catchy.  Many of our current members are women who learned of us through our performances in the community and got a taste of a cappella singing.

Rochester Rhapsody is a competition chorus.  We participate in our Area contest in the spring (first weekend in May) to qualify for International contest in the fall (2nd weekend in November).  We are proud to say we have competed in each International contest since we chartered, and are past recipients of the LABBS (Ladies Association of British Barbershoppers) trophy for the highest non-medalist presentation score.  This past May, we were honored to receive three awards for the most improved chorus!

Our chapter sponsors youth scholarships named for our previous director (Mike Morgan Youth Scholarship).  Ten percent of all funds raised through fundraisers, shows and performances is designed for scholarships.

The chapter is designed to foster the learning of barbershop singing in a highly supportive, non-threatening environment; many women who join us have little or no formal training in music.  The ability to read music is helpful, but definitely not a prerequisite.  Harmony, Inc. (and our chapter) has a variety of excellent learning aids.

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Sue Melvin


109 Merlin St

Rochester, NY 14613

259-3094 (H)


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